Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Wandering Around Chacala, Showing Rentals

I had a kind of nice morning, walking around Chacala with a friend who was looking at long-term rental possibilities here. I met the out-of-town owner of one of the new, but not completed rentals in town. It will probably be ready next Fall, according to the owner. It looks like it's almost completed, except for doors, windows, and, apparently, air conditioning, and some finish work.The owner started talking about a building that is being constructed behind his place. Mostly about what he was going do to gain needed privacy on his building. With screens made of thing branches and other natural looking sceens. The new building has glass windows and doors that look right into his place.
We spent some time at Nueva Espana (above) too, which seems to be especially pleasant this year. Six rental units with kitchens and three double beds. The water in the pool was perfectly clean and clear. And the palms are big enough now to shade the seating area, at least part of the time. I don't like the concept of swimming pools in general, but this one looked pretty inviting. One thing that trouble me about pools is how owners seems to drain the chemical laden water from their pools right out onto the street. There are six pools in Chacala now, plus 13 million pools (slight exaggeration) in the development.

We went by Pablo's rental and vacation home below the Bibliotecha. A second story is being constructed. I have somone who was interested in renting the house. We had a plan to meet with Pablo at 9am but he wasn't there.
This is a new underground water storage tank at a construction site. One side is for clean water and the other for sewage. Whatever.

Elezar's White House is looking very nice these days. Elezar is down in Chacala for several months and taking care of things. And making some cosmetic improvements.

A family from Quebec rented one of the upstairs rooms at Elezar's for a few days. And a gringo couple is arriving in a few days for a two month stay. The view has been kind of blocked by some fast growing trees, but it's still has a nice big shady patio. It's an odd setup. The two large bedroom/bath units share the patio. There's a stove and fridge and large table with chairs on the patio, with dishwashing "facilities" downstairs in the front "yard".

I got to see the inside of the little red cottage right above the Malecon this morning. It's wonderful, but apparently it's never rented. It has real furniture and a nice tiled kitchen and bath. Bedroom and living room. The bedroom has a lovely ocean view. But the main eating area is outside, up a few steps, where there's a big table and a nice outdoor kitchen. Really cool. In my next life I am going to buy it. Just kidding.

I think the water is warming up again. The water is clear and lovely, and there are still a lot of families in town, camping and staying in the rentals. This week after New Year's is pretty popular with folks from Guadalajara and other towns within about four hours driving distance.
The hotel next door had an incredibly loud band with singer-gone-crazy with a microphone last night. From 9pm until 3am. I don't know how the guests stood it. I think it's the first time the place looked pretty busy. I hope guests knew what they were letting themselves in for. The cement wall of my room, which faces the hotel (80 feet away), was sort of vibrating. The sound (notice I didn't say music) was sooo loud.

Lots of fireworks too. Luckily I brought some earplugs down with me when I first came to Chacala. And my son recently brought me some new ones, so I could sleep. Of course, I was up half the night playing with my new computer. And then awake at 5am. Back to the internet. What an addict. Got all my photos downloaded from my camera. Now I have to delete all the crummy ones. About 85% probably.
I never got a chance to post photos of this year's Christmas Eve Posada. It ended at Casa Monarca, with two lovely pinatas. Sarai had made both of them, and they were really beautiful. She sells that at her porch store next door to Trini's. In case you are looking for a pinata.


mike said...

Glad you got the new computer.
The photos of 01-01-2008 are fantastic

John W said...

Gorgeous colors, Andee. And I like your experiments with light, making for some great images. And I cannot let go by without comment, the parrot (baby parrot? parakeet?) on the man's hat. I think I'm hooked on parrots. Time to get one of my own. Of course, that'll disqualify me from membership in the Audubon Society. Oh well....