Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's about time for some pictures I think

Andee at her finest. Expressing her opinions about pictures of her.
Photo by: Allen Hardman

Photo by: Robert Quallie

Photo by

Roger G. Iverson

"This picture was from Feb. 2005 one evening waiting for the sunset. As she refused to have her picture taken, I had to sneak this shot."

Photo by: Diana & David
Photo by: Diana & David

Taken March 2006
Photo by: Daly Mike

As I have been collecting these pictures of her I frequently hear how many were sneaked or the result of her being cornered and unable to disappear. I do not think she every saw the light and life that shown through these pictures. I have older pictures, I think, of her in the things she gave be when she left for Mexico. Unless she removed her self for those also. I will post what I can fine this week.

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