Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boy in Chacala

Many of the children in Chacala are amazingly gifted at making toys out of almost anything. And creating games with natural objects.But sometimes the kids play with "real " toys. This bowling set was at the Biblioteca, at the after-school program. This sweet boy spent more than an hour playing with this "official toy", made of plastic. He arranged and rearranged the pins. Never actually used them for bowling.
I think he liked the colors and the order of the placing the pins in different patterns.
There were kids running all around him and he never lost his focus on his project, even for a minute.
I feel to lucky to be around so many kids, and to watch them grow from infants to Kindergarten and from Primary to teenagers, and from teenagers to young adults.


Ramona said...

Lovely pictures of the boy and his bowling pins. The last one is especially nice where he's reaching for the pin. Your pictures of the sunset are beautiful - I think you're doing great with your sunset pictures! As always, I find your musings thought-provoking. It's wonderful to live in a quiet enough environment to actually be able to think, ponder, reflect and visit with people! Don't we all wish we could do more of that?
~Ramona in Alaska

ladyluz said...

Stunning photos, Andee, of sunsets. And I love the ones of children. Have spent a little time enjoying your gardening blog and now, here, more about your life. Thankyou.