Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just to let you know

For probably some of the same reasons that Andee posted I feel the need to keep everyone updated about what is going on at day +3. As I write this it is about 72 hours since Andee's end.

When she moved down to Chacala we knew that this is where her last moments would be. We did not know when it would be or what they would be like but this is where it would happen. The people that were with her in the end were friends both that had know her for years and some that she had meet days before. I am grateful that they were there and have told them so. They have told me directly and through my father of her last moments. As described I can only think that in the end she first fought the darkness and then choose to except on her on terms in the end. Accepting on her terms sound a lot like my Mother.

After she died, as is traditional here, her friends stayed with the body till she was taken to the crematorium. Some one has commented that it seemed like the entire town of Chacala showed un Las Varas where she was. That would not would not surprise she was truly love here in her adopted home. They then held a church service for her. I am told it was beautiful but there are no pictures as everyone was so used to Andee being there for every important moment to take the picture that no one thought bring a camera. This is yet another whole that Andee will leave in the world. Andee would have loved the service were she not the focus of it. When I arrived I went to see the flowers and it was beautiful.

Andee had left it to me what was to happen after her death. At that point she would not need her body any more and it was more important to take care of those that were still alive. I had discussed with her my plans for her the last time I was down here in October. My plan is/was to spread some of her ashes in the water at places that were significant to her in mine and others opinions. It is to my great embarrassment that Chacala it's was not initially one of those places. I can not imagine how I could do that. This is the most significant place in her life. This is where I think that she came closest to be at peace with herself.

This morning I will go out on fishing boat and place some of the ashes in the water were they will continue to traveling on. Later in the afternoon I walk into the water at the beach and at some of her to the beach so that those that live here have a place stand and look and know that some part of her is still here. After that that want can sit around a have coke or a beer and eat chips and salsa.

The rest of her ashes will be spread by myself and Tom in various other locations in the states. Sometimes after a gathering and sometimes just one or both of us. When there is an event I will post and let others know.

Right now the stars are fading and and sun is casting it's light from behind me as I look out over the town and to the beach. The roosters have been crowing for a few hours and the town is slowly waking up. I know Andee will be missed by the people here and everywhere. I am sad that everyone did not have the chance to say good by to her that I did. Every time I came was just one more chance to say to say goodbye knowing that this could be the last time. Each was an extra visit that was precious because she could have easily already been gone. In October it was that last time. I will miss her. We will miss her.

Remember this was her paradise and she got spend here last days, years. finding peace and happiness in herself. As I have said before what more could we wish for our self.

Take care of yourself and in the mean time I would ask you all to do something good for the kid, cat or plant closest to you and have Coke. I think that she would like that.

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Leslie said...

I am so shocked and sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. I have been a lurker to her blog for about a year now. As a single woman approaching retirement I so enjoyed her spunk and joie de vivre. You must be so proud of her, She lived her life as she wanted surrounded by her flowers and plants and people who cared about her, Good luck to you!