Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Views From the Hill at the South End of Chacala Bay

Christmas Day I took a walk up the hill at the south end of Chacala. A couple of the gates that are normally closed were open, so it was an easy walk. I have already written about my walk, but I wanted to show some photos, now that I am back in the photo posting business.A view of Playa Chacala from the hillside.
These are shots of partially completed buildings partway up the hillside at the south end of the beach. There are two other buildings along the hillside. Two different owners.
This is a view from the hillside into the area above the paved road.

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Kelly said...

Looks beautiful! how are the long term rentals looking? 2 bedroom? are there any elementary schools? private schools? what is the population like? ie gringos vs Mexicanos? is the gringo population all babay boomers? any families? thanks for you input...