Friday, July 27, 2007

Surfos (Surfers) in Chacala

The storm a few days ago brought out everyone in town who either can surf or is trying to learn how to surf. Playa Chacala isn't really a surfing beach. Real surfers take a boatride (or walk three miles thru the jungle, to La Caleta, which is a real surfing place. Apparently. Plus various non-residents came into town, looking for waves. At least the Costa Azul van didn't show up, crowding out the locals.Javier and his brothers have been surfing the south end of Chacala beach morning and night for years. They are mostly at university now, but this is summer vacation, and Javier was out on Wednesday night, when the waves were pretty exciting for Chacala.

Beto and Jorge were also out, trying out their skim boards. And some of the younger kids were trying to body surf. Not very sucessfully.

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Anonymous said...

That last picture, with the ocean nearly black, and the surfers as silhouettes is really beautiful.


Kim G