Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer in Chacala

I feel sorry for people who only visit Chacala during the winter, the dry season. It’s nice then because it rarely rains and the weather is in the low to mid 80’s with no humidity. Nice for a beach vacation. But the vegetation is dry, and many of the deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves by January and February.But in the summer, it’s so green, and lush ,and beautiful around Chacala. It IS hot and humid, and it rains at night, maybe half the nights. And occasionally it rains briefly in the last afternoon. But mostly it’s fresh and clean and lovely here. Grass is growing in the palm grove, and everywhere. Of course, there are always lots of flowers here, but in the summer they seem to be even more beautiful.It’s odd that we are having so many gringo tourists here right now. Maybe four couples, plus a group of 14 firends and family doing a Habitat for Humanity project. I am assuming it’s mostly because of the L.A. Times travel article about Chacala. It was published all over the country, and we seem to be getting a lot of people who came after reading the article.

I think the humidity is hard for some people, but it’s not any different that the hot and humid parts of the south, and Texas, and the lower East coast of the U.S. And the sea breeze is always here, and the air is fresh and clean. And the sky is blue. And the ocean is blue-green and lovely. The water temperature is perfect. Not too warm, and not even a hint of coolness, like in the You can swim for hours. Same in the summer.The tropical storm coming up from south of P.V. seems to have faded away. There are still more waves than usual rolling into the beach closer together than usual, but the waves are normal. I went swimming yesterday evening, when maybe people and some surfers were in the water. It was just before dark, and there were lots of waves, one after the other, and they were pretty strong. Not too tall, but forceful. It was really nice for body surfing and playing around. And the water temperature was perfect. A nice way to end the day.

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