Tuesday, July 17, 2007

From Chacala to Guanajuato

38 (mas o menos) Chacalenos climbed abroad a big rented tourist bus this evening, and headed off to Guanajuato for a road trip. Two nights traveling on the bus and two nights in a hotel. I think I have that right.Viki, Administrator of the Bibliotecha program, lead the way. I think there were about 10 parents/grandparents along for the trip. Viki is just amazing. It’s hard to imagine being responsible for all those kids, ages 8 thru 20 or so, off in some city somewhere. Great experiences for the kids. Not many kids from towns like Chacala get to go off on this kind of adventure.Everyone was gathered at the intersection next to the primary playground by about 7:30pm. The bus arrived at 8pm. On time (amazing in Mexico). There was a pretty big crowd gathered to say goodbye.This is the 3rd summer bus trip for the kids and families that I can remember. I think the first trip was to Mexico City and Guanajuato. Last year was Morelia, Patzcuaro, and Urupan. There may have been another trip in there. I can’t remember.Viki told me the kids wanted to return to Guanajuato, since their first visit there was short, and they really liked it. It’s a very fun town. There is a University there and there are lots of musical and theatre events. Very lively place. And the center of town is very concentrated in a small area, so the kids can run around and explore some on their own.Viki also told me that this is a slightly shorter trip that usual because the State of Nayarit is putting on a special weekend program in a town near here. For Chacala kids and some kids from some other towns around the State. I didn’t understand what the actual event was going to be, but it sounded like it was going to be a big deal.

I had a lot of fun taking photos, and Viki asked me to email some to her. I have been trying to take photos of various kid activities, and then passing them on to her. But sometimes I forgot about the event, or the photos aren’t that great.I got about 20 barely decent photos tonight. It was turning into night as we stood around, and I haven’t read my instruction book for night shots yet. So I had a bunch of dark shots.I am been thinking a lot about moving to another, larger town, in a different part of Mexico.
And sometimes I really miss the stimulation and conveniences of city life quite a bit. Especially books in English and a delicious variety of food in markets and restaurants. And the company of writers and artists and musicians. And people who are concerned about the environment and the impact of tourism on the culture and the environment. And gardens and gardeners. And lovely old buildings, and plazas, and museums, and galleries.However, I loved this evening. Everyone talking and visiting. Lots of excitement. The giant bus pulling up. Everyone saying goodbye and waving. I love it that I knew almost everyone there. And who is related to who. Lots of people were posing for me, and laughing and waving. How long would it take me to know most people in a new town, or neighborhood? I love being known by most people in Chacala. At least to say hi to and visit with. And to know what they do, who their family is, and where they live.It doesn’t seem likely I would have this kind of experience in a larger town. A chance to get to know people, and to feel like in some small ways I have a role here in the community life. A very peripheral role, but still.But maybe that’s okay. It’s very scary to think of taking off to somewhere I never been before. I can’t afford to make two round trips: one to find a place, and the other to move there. So I would be taking off without knowing where I was going to end up. Actually that idea kind of appeals to me.

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