Thursday, July 26, 2007

Storm over Chacala

Yesterday, when I was coming home to Chacala from P.V., I met a man from Santa Cruz, CA. He was headed to Santa Cruz, Nayarit, which is north of Chacala, on the coast. About 40 miles from here. We talked on the bus, coming up from P.V. He said he was coming down to his home in Santa Cruz (here) because the internet said a big tropical storm was moving up from below P.V. And that meant good surf for Santa Cruz (Nay).He also said when there was a big storm the waves come rolling in very close together. Something I hadn't really noticed before. That sounded kind of strange to me. But sure enough, when I got home I looked down at the beach and large waves were rolling in, one after another. So I went down to the beach, about an hour before dark. The waves were coming right up into the eating areas of the beach restaurants. Everyone was down there. Lots of people were looking for coins tossed up by the waves. I think everyone but me found some. New and old. Four young boys, maybe 13 years old, were out in the water, exhibiting their blooming testosterone braveness, I guess.
I went back down to the beach early in the morning . Trini, Sylvestre, and I walked up and down the beach, looking for coins. Of course, we didn't find any. The waves were still pretty wild, and the surfing boys were out in force.The beach was beautiful, washed clean of all the litter (and now polluting the ocean).
All the restaurant people were out raking up the sea debris. It was a beautiful morning.
the sun was shining, the beach was clean. Sometimes I am so happy to be in Chacala. So is Chiquita, the Wonder Dog.

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Daniel said...

Beautiful pictures! Where do those coins come from? How old are they? Sounds like the waves are bringing them up from Davy Jones' locker...or pirate treasure!