Saturday, July 07, 2007

Evening at the Muelle in Chacala

ONE of the nicest things about the hot summer days in Chacala, is the early evening. The last hour before dark. Many families, people from 6 months into their seventies, wade, swim, or stand the ocean water up to their necks, at the little dinghy beach at the muelle. I like to go down there that last hour before dark. The sun is down, but there is usually a warm glow form the sunset. Everyone visits and chats and swims around. It’s lovely. And refreshing.A young man, about 13, bumped into me while he was swimming. He stood up, and looked at me and said “My God!!!!” in English, and then laughed hysterically. I think he was embarrassed to have bumped into an old gringa lady. And also was pleased with himself when he cursed in English. Those two words were probably his only two English words. He was so pleased with himself. Of course, I don’t really have any idea what he was thinking.The year's Primary teachers
Anyway. I love standing around gossiping and playing in the water. It's a nice way to end the day, and to cool off. Although I would really rather swim at the big beach, where the sand in clean and there and waves.

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Patty said...

Your comments on why the Mexican government does not adequately support public education echo the way I feel about the situation in Honduras. I strongly believe that the only way Latin American countries can succeed is through an educated strong middle class. Thank you for posting this.