Friday, July 20, 2007

Bugs, Mud, and Black Moths, in Chacala.

Chacala’s been getting a lot of rain the last three days. Actually, mostly in the night, but off and on during the days too. Last night was a big lightning/thunder/downpour storm, but I don’t think the power went out.My roof leaked again, much worse than the previous times. I had to keep moving my bed, and the kittens’ bed, around to avoid the leaks. It wasn’t a good night.

I talked to my landlady this morning, and she appeared to think I was responsible for repairing the roof. I was pretty upset about the prospect of a leaking roof. There are enough un-fixed problems at this house without water on my bed.But then, when I came home late in the afternoon, there was a pile of repair materials sitting outside. And my landlady’s son told me he would fix the roof as soon as the sun comes out. I was really, really relieved. I didn’t have a clue about how to deal with the situation without paying for the roof repair. That’s how I have solved the problems at this house in the past. But the roof will cost too much.We are being invaded by various insects around Chacala. Tiny little crabs, about 3/8th of an inch, are everywhere. They are blanketing the ground, especially toward the southern end of Chacala. When you look at the ground it looks like the dirt is moving. Really creepy. They don’t seem to be interested in crawling across your feet or up you legs. I am happy for that.I met some gringa volunteers from Mar de Jade this evening, at Las Brisas. They are volunteering in Las Varas. They said the tiny crabs are coming up the stairs at Mar de Jade. I hope they don’t do that here. The little black moths are bad enough. There are thick clouds of them outside on my patio. They are drowning by the thousands and their bodies are covering my tables and the floor on the patio.They want to come in at night, when my lights are on. When Gracie, the mommy cat, wants to come inside after her hunting trips, she meows at the door. Then I turn off both lights and put the computer lid down. Then I let her in, and turn the lights back on. The moths still get in. I swept up a dustpan full of dead things from the floor of my room this morning. UGH!!!!

There are lots of birds hanging around the flooded areas between the paved road and the beach road. A few days ago some boys were throwning rocks at the crocodile that comes there in the summers. Their father saw me watching and told them to stop. But when i first arrived he was throwing rocks too. My neighbor came upstairs with me this afternoon. The patio floor was absolutely covered dead moths, and there were thousands of flying around the edges of the patio. I was horrified. She keep saying that they would only be here for a few days. She has lived here all her life, so she must know. I hope she’s right.The spring water from the hotel parking area, along with the rain, has completely flooded the road in front of the house. We laid brick stepping stones today, but they are already conversed with water. I got home after dark tonight. It was tricky to get to the steps up to the house. I was wading in shin-deep water part of the way.The five of us at this house stood there is the dark, admiring at the mess. I mentioned I have a pick and shovel. Tomorrow morning “we”, hopefuly the guys, are going to try to drain the road. By cutting down the side of the road that faces the ocean. It’s downhill and it shouldn’t be too hard to dig a little trench. We’ll see.Next day. We did work on the road, but the runoff from the hotel is horrendous. All the hotel run off ends up right here, in front of the house. Plus the underground spring that was uncovered during the construction of the hotel runs constantly, keeping the road muddy whether or no there is rain.

I like it that vehicles has to slow down to get thru the mess. But it gets hard when I have to wade thru calf deep water to get to our steps. I have taken to walking home thru my neighbor's yard and avoiding most of the mess.

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