Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sunny Chacala

A couple of days ago I looked at the house Juan (who runs the Joker tienda at the corner) is building a few lots down the hill from the school, on the main road up from town. It looks like it has two bedrooms with baths and a largish living kitchen area and a back-of-the-house washing area for laundry, etc. It’s a very small lot, with no outdoor space in the back, except for the laundry area, and about five feet between the house and the road in the front.

It seems to be being built with an inside staircase to go upstairs but I don’t think it’s for a teraza. There are only windows in the front of the house. With a little natural light coming in from the laundry area and small windows high in the walls. The house faces west but no views except from the roof. Juan says it will be completely furnished with kitchen equipment etc. I don’t know what he wants to ask for a monthly rental, but he is thinking about it. It’s definitely worth looking into if you are looking for a long term rental.

Casa Pacifica is offering a very good monthly rental rate for the summer months, and you can contact Susana at about rates etc.

Patti’s aerobic studio, which used to be a store, is right across the street from the primary school/bibliotecha entrance. She offers classes during the week and is easy to find around town. Her family runs two of the markets in town, including Juan’s,

Dona Lupe ( of Euloia and Lupe) is becoming more and more entrepreneurial.
She is now selling delicious, fresh squeezed orange juice from her restaurant. She is also renting both downstairs rooms, with a shared bath, for a weekly or monthly rate. Cheap by the month. Her family is sleeping at the restaurant when the rooms are rented.

I am starting to think that February is the big month for motor homes parking in Chacala. There are about 25 right now, with a number of them on the grassy area off the beach. Some people to deposit their toilet water into the sand in holes under their trailers. Disgusting and detrimental to water quality. The state is looking into the situation and may close the parking places close to the beach if it comtinues. That info is gossip. Jose Manuel is not working as maintenance and security in the parking area for motor homes any more and it’s looking kind of raggedy.

I think I already mentioned the Koko Bongo’s has wireless now.

This season there have been more motos (little motor bikes and three wheelers, etc) on the beach, with is not allowed by the state transit authority here. There are signs on the beach entrances forbidding vehicles on the beach. Juan, the current juduez (something like the justice of the peace in Chacala) is intending to enforce the rule, and will call the transit police if anyone lets him know there are vehicles on the beach. A few weeks ago a little girl was run over by one of the four wheelers. An eight year old was driving it. As the parents egged them on, faster, faster.

The other annoying new presence on the beach has been jet skis. An American brought them here first, but luckily he doesn't seem to be around here much this year. At least so far.

Majahua now has a little gift shop at the restaurant, with lovely things. For people who are tired of the tourist stuff sold along the beach road, this is a great alternative. And the location is wonderful. A great place for a drink or coffee or leomonade, plus incredible meals. And the occasional belly dance show.

The moon is very full at night right now, and is up from about 8pm until after daylight. It looks just beautiful at night, reflecting across the water. The nights are comfortable again, no more cold snap (cold being low 60’s F).

Lots of tourists and some day trippers from La Penita/Guayabitos, who mostly seem to hang out at Las Brisas. The most popular home town this year is still people from Vancouver Island. There have been at least 10 people from Hornsby.

The work on the house below the paved road, headed toward Marina Chacala seems to had stopped. Actually, work has stopped on a number of projects. Don’t know why.

There are whales within sight of the beach everyday now, and people going out on whale watching trips are having a great time, seeing lots of whales.

The bird watching group is still in business. Well not in "business", but active. On tuesday mornings they met to walk into different areas around Chacala. Sue, Ron and Kathy, who little in a little tent and trailer encampment just south of the Delphin restaurant, are in charge. And very knowledgable and birds.

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