Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Everyday Life in Chacala

Yesterday I rode into Las Varas with a friend and found out two things I didn't know before. One is that the IMSS store, reached by turning left at the second signal, and going west two blocks, has both peanut butter and fruit juice in small jars (apple and grape are my favorites), both of which are unusual around here. They also have ground coffee, another hard-to-find item.

Also, I didn't realize the ice factory on the way back to Chacala from LV sell block ice, another hard to find item. I am still trying to find small canisters of propane, which are also difficult to find, even in Puerto Vallarta.

The motor home area over on the grass seems to be emptying out after a high of 18 motor homes, campers, etc. That doesn't include the weekend campers from Guadalajara, Compostella, etc. Those that remember Jose Manuel, the former campground security guy, will probably be glad to know he got a new job, doing security, etc at Las Brisas.

Whales are still right close. Yesterday there were whales were almost inside the buoy area. Mom's and babies. Dancing around. Only one moto on the beach this Sunday, and it left quickly. Don't know why but I am glad.

Fleur, the Eastern dancer, from Mexico City, who danced at Majahua last winter. is back. This time accompanied by her very talented musician friend, Gonsalvo. He plays the sitar and also the soprano sax. One of favorite memories in Chacala will alway be listening to Gonsalvo play the tenor sax at Majahua, while I sit on the terrace there, watching the ocean and the stars.

Fleur is offering Eastern dancing shows several night a week. You can go up to Majahua to check on times and days.

Yesterday I has some neighbors for the night. They didn't know how to put up their little tent, and we had fun putting it up. They, a middle-aged couple from Compostella, had never camped before. When I returned to camp after dark I saw they had no lights so I gave them some of the candles in jelly jars that people use outside around here. In the morning they paid me back (not necessary) by buying me an fresh orange juice from Tina. Nice way to start the day.

Mar de Jade has a lovely new patio area out near the pool, where the artifical streambed used to run. It looks lovely and the perfect place to read or talk or have a drink. And speaking of Mar De Jade and Majahua, there are numerous stone "statutes" all around the area there. Many stones balanced on top of each other. One of the tourists told me he thought the stone were glued together, because it seems impossible that they are only balanced. It looks kind of strange and kind of beautiful, in my opinion.

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