Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February in Chacala

I am in PV right now. I came down from Chacala to Puerto Vallarta, meeting up with my son a couple of days ago. He just brought my repaired MAC laptop down from the US. I am now computing on it and very happy. We went to the internet place across the street from the Posada Roger ( in PV), where we spent the night, and he configured the "Mail" program on the laptop so the mail to all my email addresses can be answered off-line. And then he fixed up the "Ecto" deal so I can write posts for all my blogs off-line. I am so happy with this.

Then we roamed around the neighborhood and found Dee's cafe (PV), which has free wireless if you buy some food or drink. And actually, there was a default wireless there, and we didn't even need a password to go on-line.

In Chacala, Koko Bongo's now has wireless in addition to broadband. And there seems to be a default wireless (an open hot spot) right now, downtown.

Later the same day, Tuesday. Went to the airport and then went on to the Camionera Central to catch the bus home. I took a taxi to Chacala from Las Varas because I had too much stuff (My wonderful son brought me lots of goodies, besides the computer). And now I am computing via wireless here on Playa Chacala . It's wonderful. The sun is about to go down and life is good.

I have been thinking about the lessons in life I have been learning from doing some beading projects here on the beach. I have been making little beaded decorations to hang on the palapa beam, and have figured out three things in the process of messing around with little glass beads.

First, is , "Never work without a safety net", because the minute your hands are not over the table, you will spill beads and/or needle all over the sand and never find them again.

Second is, " If you can't think of what to make, wait for inspiration" . Maybe go clean up the camp or swim or take a nap or something, and next thing you know, you will have an idea of something to make or a way to make it.

And third is, "If you start to think you are going to wrong way, stop right there and back up until you get the place that feels right". If the project is starting to look funny, don't keep going, thinking it will get better. Stop, go back and start over. You will be sorry if you keep going because it seems like too much trouble to back track.

That's my words of wisdom for today.

I have been starting to get some offers about where to stay next, and that feels pretty good. Especially with Semana Santa coming in less than two months.

That's it for today

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