Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Favorite Life in Chacala

Spent the afternoon learning more about taking pictures from digital cameras and putting them in IPhoto and then unto my blogs and emails, etc.

I have photos posted for a lot of the rental units I have listed on http://chacalabudgetrentals.blogspot,com. I think it looks pretty good for work by someone that doesn’t know much about Mac’s. Very fun and I am kind of slow at learning this stuff.

Jared has been a big help teaching me and taking pictures of lots of the rentals in town. And he has been very patient with me.

Jared is very interesting. He has made maps of Chacala, Zihautenajo, and La Penita and Rincon Guayabitos that are available on the web. They are very nice to look at and accurate. They are available to print out from his websites for personal use, but for professional use you need to contact him about fees, etc. I will add the addresses later, but he said you can just Google “maps” and the name of the town and his websites come up near the top of the Google lists.

Having one of these maps makes it easier to see where the place you an considering is, in relation to the beach, etc. The maps include locations of most of the hotels, restaurants, etc, so it’s easy to figure out locations.

It’s late afternoon now, and I am typing on the computer inside my tent, with the screen windows open on the side away from the sea. I am nervous about computing near the ocean because people say the salt water corrosion is a problem.

It’s Sunday afternoon and there are local people. Mostly from Las Varas or Compostella, having a day at the beach in all the palapa camping spots around me. One of the families has its car parked close and their stereo or something has been playing lovely guitar music for several hours. I really love it. Usually I hate the music around here, but this is great. Now a woman singer singing ballad type music on on. It’s so nice to have nice music, plus the sound of the ocean waves, the sunshine and the nice breeze blowing thru the tent.

I have been fooling around with little glass beads lately, and my latest project is a little beaded chandelier-type thing for my bare light bulb over the eating table. It’s fun, but a lot of the time when I am working on it the little kids hanging around and drawing and I am afraid the beads will get bumped off the table and hit the sand. But it’s still fun. People are bringing small gifts of art supplies down to share with the kids. It’s great to have new colored pencils (from Jared and Lucille) and three sets of watercolors (from Lonnie and Carolina), and other things too.

I got an email today from one of the owners of Casa Azul, in which he outlined the plans he and the other owner have for Casa Azul. He said that they will keep the two current patios and add another one plus a roof terrace for guests. I think I have that right. And he said an owner will be living on-site soon, which should make it much more guest-friendly there. It’s got a great location and some nice vegetation. He said the two palms I thought had been removed had just been moved. I haven’t had a chance to read the email carefully yet, but I had the impression the new construction will be happening soon. He also has an email address, and that they will have a website soon at (You will have to type it in if you want to find it because think is not a live link) .

Trini and Cundo are working hard at expanding their tourist boat and van service business. Planning for brochures, a website , etc. They currently have a small web site at or they can been contacted at trinimoya2 (at) for airport pickups, day trips and boats rides to surfing, or for fishing or whale/dolphine watching. Use the symbol @ rather than (at) for emailing please.

The guy with the red pickup with a gold metal canopy,, who has a lot up mear Casa Pacifica is building a concrete bunker on his lot. I think it might be a bodega. He also has a big motor home and his truck parked there.

The guy that bought the restaurant next to Las Brisas and made in into a rental unit seems to be in town. There were jet skiers driving everyone crazy out on the water this morning, driving within 30 feet of the short, near swimmers. I hope that the gossip is true about banning jet skis.

The weather is great, shorts in the evening. The little no-see—ums are out in force for a while right around sunset. Some very nice sunsets lately.

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