Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chacala and the whales

This morning about 9am, I was sitting at my table looking out at the water, and two baby whales popped up, with their cute little tails waving in the air. Then their mom showed her back for a bit. They bobbed up and down for about twenty minutes until some kayakers moved up on them and they disappeared. They were the closest I have ever seen to the beach, way inside the buoy. Amazing.

Alvaro, a local man who speaks English, has been taking visitors out to visit a Huitchol (local Indian group who are very artistic and strong spiritual practices) "village". It's actually kind a a rancho, with a very large extended family living in a number of houses near each other. The two groups I talked to about their trip with Alvaro had exceptional times, and came back very excited about their experience. I think you bus with Alvaro into the mountains, about an hour , and then walk to the settlement. And eat with the family, etc. Alvaro is very knowlegable and fun to be around and I can recommend that trip, and also the trips he makes to the petroglyph area near Chacala.

The weather continues to be wonderful, warm and clear and not too hot. The town is pretty quiet, and most of the rentals are full for now. The motorhomes are pulling out, and soon they will mostly be gone.

Some governmental agency did some work on the road that goes by Esparanza's , on the way to Mar de Jade. I can't tell if it's an improvement of not.

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