Saturday, February 25, 2006

Chacala Baptism

This morning was the baptism mass for the new little baby girl, Wendy, who is seven weeks old, and lives in the area where I camp. This morning we cleaned up tables and chairs and blew up pink balloons for the fiesta this afternoon. Then I got to hold Wendy (seems like such an un-Mexican name) while her mom, Henia, and her sister-in-law, who lives right here too, hung the balloons. Wendy's little brother, Markito, aged two, and her cousin, Jasmine, also aged two, and I drew and messed around with dominoes while I held the baby and the moms worked.

When we got up to the church for the mass, the priest arrived about an hour late, so there was plenty of time to hang around and visit. I was amazed to see how young Henia's mother was. I don't know who comes to baptisms, but it was a smaller crowd than I expected, considering the size of Esparanza's family in Chacala. But I don't how it works. Henia asked me to come several times, and she also invited my friends Susan and Kirk, who were visiting yesterday. Esperanza, a young woman, and Maria Pelilia were the only women wearing dresses. Everyone else was wearing long pants. Except me in shorts. Markito had on brand new Levi's, size two or so, and a nice new cowboy style shirt. The grandad and dad both had new haircuts.

There are still quite a few tourists arriving and leaving, but the motor homes continue to leave with no replacements. The beach and grassy camping area are starting to look empty. There is more talk around town about the wisdom of allowing motorhome people to dump their sewage directly into holes they have dug in the sandy beneath their motor homes. Same with the jet ski issue.

I am so pleased with how the photos look on the website. There are some problems with the size of the type I can't resolve, and at the moment I can't seem to save any changes on the "List of Chacala Rentals" post. But Jared, my MAC savior is going to fix it. The photos are there, and the type is readable, but some of it is small. I have photos to add as soon as the glitch is straightened out.

If you have some photos of rentals you want to send me , that would be great. alalatawah (at) Use the symbol @ to email, rather than (at). Trying to avoid spammers. To look at the photos I already have posted, go to Chacala rentals

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