Monday, October 03, 2005

Not so much rain anymore

It's the first week of October 2005, and I think the intense part of the rainy season may be over. The bug season is still here however. Last night, as I was about to turn off the light, in the bedroom I felt something on my neck and instinctively brushed it away. It was a very large cockroach which I ended up stomping to death with my flip-flops. The little monster clearly had not intention of dying. It really gave me the creeps and I had a hard time going to sleep. Oh well.

About ten days ago the ocean was very stormy for about five days, with some intermitment large waves. I am starting to think that the ocean acts up at the solstice and equinoxes.

Things are pretty quiet right now tourist-wise. I think there is one family with a little kid and an older gentlemen. And not very many Mexican tourist on the beach either. Maybe this is not considered good camping weather (nightly rains until about a week ago). There is a Scottish doctor and wife and two kids staying at Mar de Jade while he volunteers at La Clinica in Las Varas. I was kind of surprised this last year to reallized how many medical facilties and doctor's office and labs there are in LV, including a small hospital with an ER/triage function.

People in town have started the planning meetings for the annual celebration for San Rafael, who is the patron saint for Chacala, I think. It's on Monday the 24th of Octoberand it a pretty big deal and lots of fun. A week of processions thru town to the church, and then on Monday, a mass, a huge potluck type picnic outside the chuirch, music , fireworks, and a big dance with LOUD music late into the night on the basketball/volleyball court.

Streets are still pretty muddy, even though it hasn't rained for days. The street in front of the little cuestos across the road from the beach campground is still barely passable.

Lots of plants and trees are blossoming and there are many many butterflies and birds all around. If I just stand still for a minute when I am outside they treat me like a tree or something. Landing on me and flying right close. I like them. It's the bugs I hate!!!

Still in the mid-nineties most of the day and very humid.

Most of the construction projects around town are moving rapidly or abandoned (probably waiting for an influx of cash for materials and labor). The big new hotel on the paved road is hoping to open mid-November. Worker bees climbing all over the building every day, doing this and that. The proposed real estate office across from Concha's is looking good, except for the giant hole in the front yard (water storage). But they are working on those project every day. The real estate guy is planning to open the office this month. I guess it's a satellite office for a large realty firm in Sayulita. The man who is setting up the office says his focus will be on selling lots/houses in Marina Chacala. Who knows.

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