Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Things Change Fast Around Here

Things change fast around here. A couple of days ago there were three gringo tourists here and today I counted three couples (one set were day-trippers from PV), two families totally seven people, and a single man. Plus the doctor and his wife and kids at Mar de Jade. And I was only around "downtown" and on the beach for an hour or so and there maybe more. Maybe tomorrow no tourists will be here.

One of the owners of the hotel, Casa Chacala, gave me a ride when I was walking home late this afternoon. When I asked him where he was headed, he handed me some notices and said he was now (newly) on the "Water Board" or whatever they call it, for Chacala.

One notice was an explanation of the water expenses last month, which totalled about $8000pesos. The other paper was a notice for a town meeting tomorrow morning (these meeting always seem to be called with very short notice) to talk about the water problem in Chacala. Four dignitaries from various government offices have been invited to come. The newly elected government in this State just took office about three weeks ago, so people seem to be expecting some real action. I have no idea how realistic that is. Several people have mentioned to me that the newly elected people replace everyone possible with their friends, family, supporters, etc, so that things are kind of mixed-up for awhile. I don't know if that is true or not. I know one of the contruction permit guys seemed to be expecting to be replaced.

The new spa at Majahua is really lovely. It's worth the walk just to look, and maybe have a drink or a massage or soak or whatever. Actually, I am not sure when they will be fully open for business but that's probably on their website.

Chico's new bar for serving "real" drinks in now under construction. Looks nice.

The construction projects (maybe 12 are currently being worked on) are almost all moving forward or are completed. I think it is a little easier without all the rain and mud.

That's it.

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Love these peeks into your life!
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