Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pig Farms and Chacala Taxi Services (Cundo and Cheeco)

Last week I was waiting at the Crucero de Chacala corner for a ride home and Cheecho (local taxi driver who makes airport runs for people coming and going to Chacala) picked me up. He had his up daughter Erika (11), and nephew Adrian (3 years old) in the truck. We took a truck load of old vegetables out to his pig farm on the way to Chacala. There were about 40 pigs of varying size including a huge, huge guy and ten brand new (two hours old) little baby pigs. We sprayed the pigs off (he does that twice a day, to keep them clean and also to keep them cool, I think). Cheecho shares a pump from the shallow (15 foot deep) well he shares with his neighbor, who is, I think, a family member. Cheecho's spread is 5 hectares (almost ten acres) in the middle of the various fruit orchards and jungle.

Then we came to my place and had Cokes and Cheecho talked about having a water truck business from his well. He will be driving taxi again and gave me his cell number for those who speak Spanish. He does airport pickups and returns and other trips to various places in a three or four passenger taxi.

Cundo's airport pickup and tourist sightseeing tax service is going great. He has two beautiful, clean, licensed, insured, and seat belted vans ready to go. His phone number from the US is 011 52 327 219 4018, and Trini, his wife, speaks English.

For more info about bus and taxi services to Chacala click here or go to

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