Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chacala rentals for tourists / two blogs

I have been entertaining myself when it's too hot and humid to be outdoors with learning about blogs and websites, etc.

I have also been trying to find ways to support rentals at the Techos de Mexico houses here in Chacala. One of my efforts has been to to create a new blog about Chacala budget rentals, which can be reached by clicking on the highlighted word. I also have added a blog called for visitors called Chacala with more basic info about staying in Chacala.

I just learned how to do "active" links, where you have highlighted words the reader can click on and go right to the website. I spent about five hours figuring that out. I am not a natural at computer stuff.

This is a hot and humid Saturday, but there's a nice breeze and the sun is shining and the birds and butterflies and cars with loudspeakers are all flittering around town. I am about to walk down to the beach to swim and play dominos and eat peanuts in the shell at Chico's. Its a tough life, but....... It's a great life and I am so lucky to be here enjoying it.

The town is gearing up for the fiesta for San Rafael, which will be fun. Last year was great everyone says there will be a dance again this year, even though it's on a Monday, and last year the dance ended with a fist fight between the young studs of Chacala and Las Varas. I had gone home by then, and missed out on the highlight of the evening. The police who were attending were gone too. And they refused to return when the fight broke out. I don't think anyone was seriously injured, but it kind of added to the excitement, I guess.

I went to a fiesta baby shower for Claudia, who runs Koranee hardware here in town, with the help of her husband Pepe and Pepe's mom (just kidding Pepe). There were about 20 moms and 25 kids, with games and gifts and food and cake, and the music was turned down (yah !!!) so we could hear each other talk. Aurora was the hotstess and she did a great job. The party was announced for 4pm and I think almost everyone was there by 5:30, mas or meno.

The event took place in the new aerobics studio in the building where there used to be a store at the corner near the school. I guess Patti, the instructor cleaned up the place and painted it and it looks great. I think I already mentioned the aerobics classes before.

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