Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chacala Fun Times and Some Gossip

I think I will start with some gossip.

Terry, who built the nice yellow rental units near Trini's a couple of years ago, is back in town . He is working with Paul, another American who has been here all summer, to get a surf shop and gym ready for the tourist season. Paul is also building a two or three or ??? rental units behind the shops. I think he is hoping to be ready for the rental season coming up. Paul told me they are expecting to put a pool in at some point.

Some people have been working on the restaurant on the beach right across from Juan's tienda. I think someone from the States bought it and someone else from the States is organizing some remodeling or cleaning with what seems to be Mexican women workers. But it's not clear exactly what they are doing to the site.

Maria Palila (sp?) and her husband, have been told be the owner of the large lot next to them to remove their structures that had kind of eased over unto his property. It's kind of sad because I liked their nice shady little piece of the world. It will still be nice and shady, just smaller, and possibly with a building right next to them. Changes Changes. Someone told me that lot next to Maria's is selling for $90,000 US, and there are interested buyer. I hope it's not true. Maria and I counted the animal populations at her place yesterday day, which 36 individual cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, chickens, chicks, roostes and ducks and ducklings. Plus some birds in cages.

Okay, now for the fun stuff.

Yesterday some of us went back to the Chacailla beach via launcha, and spent the day eating, swimming, and talking. Very nice day. The weather was perfect and so was the company. The water was just right for the little kids, clear and calm. Gora went snorkling and found a beautiful large conch shell about a 100 feet outand 8 feet down. We all found lots of shells on the beach and brought a few home.

Today was Aurora's mom's, birthday and it was another very nice day. Naricissa, or Checha,
was having a nice day with some working and alot of visiting with everyone. Eating, drinking (for some of us), music, dancing, cake, and fun talk with lots of laughing. I also spent some time playing domino's with the waiters and went swimming with the Scottish family at MardeJade.
Got a ride almost home with Paul and his girlfriend.

I think the general appearance of Chacala is improving, at least there is less trash and the beach is looking good. Less trash and the sand is starting to fill back in in front of the restaurants and around the rocks on the MardeJade beach.

There are a couple visitors here right now, who didn't know each other and arrived separately. They were both on their to their respective homes after visiting Equator/Panama in one case, and Boliva/Panama in the other. One hated Panama and the other loved it. Takes all kinds of countries and people I guess. One of them said that you can get permanant residency visa in Panama with proof of only $500 a month regular income. As compared to Mexico, which requires $1500 a month regular income for an FM3 visa.

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