Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long-term stays in Chacala

There seems to be more interest in long-term stays in Chacala, which probably is part of the general changes of being a developing town. Developing without a decent water or sewage system. Oh well.

I have a couple of blogs about Chacala, one is general info about Chacala and it's at http://chacalanayarit.blogspot.com,

and the other one, about budget rentals in Chacala can be reached by clicking here.

It is still very hot, mid nineties and very humid. Rain most nights. This house is wonderful, cool and breezy enough to be pretty comfortable. When people step in the front door they are usually startled at how cool it is compared to the outside. Not to say it's really cool, just compared to outside.

Bugs are really annoying still. And the kitchen ants are back. Now twice a day I wipe everything with a mix of clorox and water. Still can't leave ANY food out or any dishes around. All the garbage goes to a bag outside (or into the fridge) immediately, within two minutes of it being created.

A couple of nights ago I had a new creature on the front porch, trying to liberate the garbage bag, which is tied high on the wall. It was a cat-looking totally black, short-haired animal about 15 inches tall with a fat fat tail about 30 inches long. odd looking. We looked at each other through the screen for a minute and he/she ran off. My local neighbors are warning me daily not to walk in the grass or plants. Only on gravel or dirt or cobblestones. Coral snakes are here I guess, and everyone seems to be scared of them, so I am too.

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