Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Night in Chacala

The nuelle, small harbor for fishing boats, at the north end of Playa Chacala
Yesterday was Valentine’s Day in Chacala and the rest of the "civilized" world too, I imagine. Valentine's Day is huge is Mexico. For friends and family and lovers. Lots of gifts, flowers, and candy. Lots of hugs and nice conversations where we thank each other for our friendships.

Las Brisas had a special dinner last night, shrimp or filet mignon (Mexican style) for maybe 150 or 180 pesos, around $16US. I didn’t go, although I had an offer a free dinner. Too many people and not really my thing.

I had dinner (actually had a Fresca and tostados) with Nicole and Sheri and Fred at Chico’s. Fred has just arrived from California, but Nicole and Sheri have been here for almost a month. They are a great family and we laughed a lot. We have been talking about making a new garden bed for Aurora, with sun plants. The whole family in involved in their landscaping and nursery (succulents) business. I love being around them. I have lots of plant babies to offer up for the new Aurora project.My favorite gringo gardening family
Last night, later in the evening, spent some time at Mars Tres, visiting with the reporter from Washington Times, who is back in Chacala with his lovely wife. I really enjoyed meeting her and talking about this and that.

And then I visited with Carol and Lonnie. This was their fifth or sixth stay in Chacala.
This time for three weeks or so. They left early this morning on the 5:30am Pacifico bus to Guadalajara. Martine drove them into Las Varas at 4:30am. They are from the east side of the U.S., and apparently sometimes it’s cheaper to take a flight to Guadalajara and then the bus to Las Varas/Chacala.Lonnie and Carol (behind the flowers) in the Las Varas perinigracion last week
I will really miss them. Lonnie comes to Chacala to fish, twice a day, with a local fisherman. It’s really work/fishing, not sport fishing. Commercial fishing. And Carol helps out at Mars Tres. It’s really nice for me when they are here. I really enjoy hanging out with them and Marta and Martine and Marcella. And Carmen and Manuel.

I walked by Koko Bongo’s on the way home, after visiting Don Lupe, who had fallen and hurt her knee badly. Some gringos had organized up a Valentine’s Dance at Koko Bongo’s, kind of spur of the moment, I think. It looked like fun, but I was too too tired and not really in the mood.

I am trying to sleep in a little later in the morning. For the past three months I have been awake before dawn, sometimes way before dawn. So I am ready for a siesta by 2pm and for bed by 8pm. But I am trying to sleep in now, until the sun comes over the hills behind Chacala, about 7am. And I succeeded this morning. I had a good nights sleep, all night long.

I had fruit for breakfast, and then some of the bread they are starting to carry down at the tiendas. It’s a round, white bread loaf, with a sort of sugar/crumble topping and it’s really good. Especially as toast with butter.

Then I walked over to Israel and Inez/Chata’s with Aurora. She had some business with someone and I had some stuff to take care of. I love hanging around with Chata. She is so lovely. And Israel and his whole family, including 3 year old Adrian. They are the nicest people. We figured out the details of a long stay for someone next winter.On the way home I visited with Kathy and Kevin, who are staying at Nuevo Espana (place with the small blue pool in front of the old Casa Azul) for three months ($800US a month, or a little less). They have adopted a little grey kitten that is (I hope) coming to live with me in a few weeks, when they leave town. It has lovely yellow eyes and a nice soft personality.

I got home just as the water came on, so I did some laundry and dishes, and started cooking some chicken breasts. I accidentally defrosted my little fridge last night, so the chicken was ready to cook.

I am waiting around the house for the Coke guys to show up. So I gardened for awhile, until the sun got too bright, and now I am writing this. In preparation for going to connect up with the internet. A very nice morning for me. I am working hard at keeping my negative comments to myself, and made it through the morning pretty well.

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