Saturday, February 10, 2007

Morning in Chacala

This time of year in Chacala, I am usually I am awake about 5:30am. I read in bed and putter around inside until it gets light outside. I'm up and out on the patio cooking my breakfast, and doing whatever by 6:30am. I enjoy the quiet and the sound of the birds and watching the sunrise.
The sun is starting to come up a little after 7am this week. About the same time the construction workers arrived in the neighborhood, radio going full blast.

Chacala is full of vacationers this time of year. Usually vacationers aren't interested in being awakened before 7am by the sound of radios and saws. Luckily I have earplugs and I am an early raiser.
Anyway, I left about 7:20am to take care of some rental stuff on the internet. As I was walking down the beach I saw a family group boogie boarding in the waves and having a great time. The waves are different every day here. And they change from one end of the beach to the other.
At the north end, near most of the rentals, the sea is pretty calm, with nice little waves and great for kids. As you go south the waves get bigger. Big enough that the local boys are often surfing in the early morning and just before dark.

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