Thursday, February 22, 2007

Computing in Chacala

I do my computing on a nice Mac laptop my son and ex got for me. I love it. It’s just the right size for carrying around. It came with a nice little carrying case with a handle. But I eventually got a small backpack that seems to be made for small laptops. It has a special padded slot with Velcro straps to hold it in place, and four outside pockets for my power/charge unit, and mouse and various connectors (for dialup and 2/3way converter and this and tha). And there is room inside for my camera (another gift ) and for a ziplock where I carry my little notebooks with all my computer info and records for rental deposits, etc. And pens, and a book to read when I get stuck someone with no one to talk to. Very handy little pack with padded straps and a place to tuck the straps away if I want to just it like a little carry-on.
g.The beach a few days ago
Today I looked at this blog on a big screen monitor and I was surprised to see how different the photos look on a big screen. Much nicer than on this screen. I really liked a few of the photos. Especially the ones with the young guys in the waves.The Bibliotecha, home of gringo and community-supported
activities and projects for kids in Chacala
Tomorrow I am going into Las Varas with four CD’s full of photos. I will run them thru the Kodak machine there and decide which ones to print out. I accidently deleted a bunch of photos from the fiesta in Las Varas last week. People have been asking me for prints of the photos I took of them. They cost 3 pesos (about 30 cents a print, and I don’t want to spend the cash until Wednesday. So tomorrow I will order the prints, and then pick them up on Wednesday.

This is the time of the month when I have all my sheets, pillowcases, bedspreads and towels washed at the laundry. So tomorrow I will be carrying a bunch of stuff down to the collectivo stop. But I am crossing my fingers for a ride from right in front of my house.

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Katie said...

Hi! Love reading your blog, and you take some fine photos.

Wanted to mention that, as a fellow Mac laptop user, what might be happening when you see WiFi connections but can't connect, is they are password protected or secured - not wide open.

I have an Airport at home for when I use wireless, and people can see my network when they scan looking for wireless connections in the neighborhood, but then can't connect unless I have manually added their computer ID to my access list.