Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sailing in Chacala

This morning I was idly staring into space from my patio. Actually, I was staring at the ocean. A sail caught my eye. Hardly anyone sails into Chacala, they almost all motor in. I think it's because there isn't much wind, but who knows? And the sailors don't usually put up their sail(s) until they are way out toward the horizon.

So it was pretty usual to see a sail up. I knew the people hadn't sailed in this morning, because they arrived last night. But I really like seeing the sail billowing in the wind.I had trouble getting a clear shot because of the power lines between my place and the ocean. But it was still fun trying to take the pictures.
A few minutes ago the couple that own this boat (yacht?) came up to Majahua, and had a beer. They told me they had the sail up because they were fixing something. The man said there is often not enough window to sail along this part of the Mexican coast. He said they are often on motor power.

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