Monday, February 26, 2007

Going to the Frontera, the Border

I just realized I will need to leave Chacala for a few days, to go to the border again. Sometime in March.I have to get a new tourist visa. I have been hearing about some really really cheap night flights from PV or Guadalajara to Monterrey (two hours from the border). So I am looking into that. Otherwise it's the bus. I am thinking that if I bus it, I might go through Queretaro and visit the strange garden, Las Posas. But who knows. I am on a really tight travel budget, and I love seeing different parts of Mexico. I am hoping I can visit Oaxaca and Chiapas this summer, and maybe Colima sometime soon, but who knows. I think wanting to travel around Mexico, and eventually Central America is the first time in my life I have been really motivated to try to save money.Guadalupe shrine on the paved road, between Chacala and Las Varas.
The weather is wonderful in Chacala these days. Coolish (75) at night, warm during the day. low to mid 80's. There are lots of nice visitors here now, although some of my favorites have left already. More people seem to be making reservations for next year. It seems kind of amazing to me.
Lots of returning visitors are commenting on the new buildings around town. And people are also saying that Chacala seems really clean this year. I think it's true. Partly because the town kids pick up trash on the roads every Saturday morning.

I am starting to hear local gringo's reactions to the L.A. Times article that was published on Sunday. There are actually 4 different sections on the internet LA Times website. And 12 extra photos. So far I have heard fairly positive reactions. Of course, I think all us visitors here would prefer no one else knew about Chacala. But the rental owners will probably reap some benefit. I am more afraid of gringo real estate investors and Mexican developers who eyeing the Federal beach land than I am off newspaper articles. And the currrent plans to build condos on the beach. But who knows what the future will bring.
Chris Reynolds, LA Times reporter,
interviewing Aurora on the patio of one of her Techos de Mexico rental units.

The reporter seems to have mixed up Aurora and Concha, Techos rental owners, in one of the articles. Actually Aurora was the Techos owner who paid off her loan in three years, in 2004. Concha also paid her's off, a few months ago. And it's Aurora's husband who is a fisherman, while Concha's was a construction worker. I guess it doesn't really matter, but ........

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