Saturday, June 17, 2006

Waiting for Water (in Chacala)

Local dancing girls, practicing in front of the lunch-window/bibliotecha in Chacala

I ran into a very interesting blog today. It's called My Oaxaca and the address is I found a post there, called something about a bomba (pump), to be very timely for me. It's about cultural differences in the experience of time, including some "research". I really enjoyed the post, and found it to be consistent with my experience here, living in Mexican time.

One of the author's comments was that the Spanish verb "esperar" has at least three meanings:
to wait, to expect, and to hope. That fits for me this last six days. I have been waiting for water, expecting the water truck, and hoping for water. And the water I DID get wasn't the water I was waiting, expecting, and hoping for. But I was really happy to see the town water running at this house.

I think Chacala is a great place to try to practice being in the moment. Without smearing my needs and wants all over whatever is actually happening. Being in the here and now, at least for a brief moment in time. As in "be here now". For whatever that's worth.

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