Friday, June 16, 2006

Hanging Around in Chacala

This nice little map is from a website:
At the actual website you can click on the squared places and see photos and further info.

Yesterday I went into Las Varas first thing in the morning to go to the ATM and the Post Office (Correo) , and then came home, computed for a while, washed clothes with almost the last of the water (hoping the water guy would really shows up in the morning) and took a nap.

When it cooled off a little I walked down to Gracia's house and hung around under the ramada, visiting with Chicha (Narcissa) and Gracia, and her husband Salvatore, and his daughter, son-in-law and grandaughter, America. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I can understand more Spanish lately. I think I moved up a small level in comprehension. Berta, the daughter, was painting some directional signs for going to the Muelle. She said they see tourist cars going the wrong way, and then backing up, all day long, and that the signs may help. The signs seemed to be readable only after you make the turn, but maybe I am just being picky.

Narcissa said that Julietta, my favorite Kinder teacher, has finished working in Chacala and is starting a computer course in Tepic. She will really be missed. Her sub, for the last two weeks of the school year, is staying at Marta's, about a block from the Kinder building. The sub is some kind of supervisor, so that should be okay. Some very nice tourists from Idaho brought some Spanish-language books down for kindergarten-level kids. She is a teacher in Idaho. I love it when people bring things for the Kinder.

Frank, who has the little new tienda in that neighborhood, picked up a paperback books I was carrying around and starting reading it, in English. He and his wife, Angelica, both speak and read some English. He was in high school in San Diego for three years and remembers alot. We agreed I would bring him some other English language books and magazines to practice on.

Just as I got home a local friend showed up at the house, wanting help sending an English language e-mail to a mutual, English-only, friend who has visited and contributed alot to Chacala over the years. We did okay with the letter, I think. We also practiced making (and eating) popcorn on the microwave here. It was Delicious!!! Popcorn and Coke. My favorite, right now.

Then we walked over to a neighbor's house. She had just had surgery and was reclining gracefully on some kind of chair arrangement. She seemed to be cheerful, so I hope the surgery was successful. I couldn't follow the conversation very well, and went down to Sarai's store to get some jars of fruit juice, which were a hit.

On the way home I walked with Socorro and her adult son. We went into the mango orchard and picked a big bag of mangos for them to take home. I think those trees are just about picked clean. The sweet roll and bread truck came by, and the owner, Lalo, wanted to come up at the see the house, which he did. He seemed to think it was funny I was living in so many different places, especially going from the beach (and tent) to this big house.

Now it's Friday morning, and I waiting for the water truck to arrive (fingers crossed). Friday is one of the days the Coke order-taker comes around to take orders. I just leave my order clipped to a plastic chair down at the bottom of the driveway (so he doesn't have to drive up). A few minutes ago two ladies came up on the porch. After a confusing conversation I figured out they thought the "Coke" sign on the chair meant I am selling Cokes and they wanted one. I only had warm ones so we shared a warm Coke. Nice friendly smiles.

There has been a very very loud jetski running constantly for two days, or more, down in Chacalilla.

(Added Saturday am) The "jetski" was going until almost 10pm last night, and started up again at 6:05am right under my window (almost). So I went out to see what the noise was, and it was a security guy with a muffler-less blower, the kind for blowing leaves away. He was apparently blowing dust off the cobblestones. Must have been a boring night or something. For months I had thought that sound was the muffler-less moto belonging to one of the security guys, but no, it's the blower.

Chacalilla pre-invasion
I think this photo of beach restaurants might be pre-Kenna.

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