Thursday, June 15, 2006

Chacala Beach, Jungle, and Dancing

One of the most beautiful and secluded places in Chacala, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of a very small town is Majahua.
Majahua (restaurant, small hotel, and beautiful spa) is tucked away, overlooking the sea and Chacala beach, from a hillside filled with palms and trees. And its a one minute walk to the beautiful, sandy beach.

I know this looks kind of like an advertisement and that's because it kinda is. I think Majahua is an amazing place and I can't help but want to tell people about it.

Looking south on Playa Chacala, in front of the path up to Majahua hotel restaurant and spa.

This is the path from the beach up to Majahua, hand carved out of the steep hillside.

Golsalvo and Flor, who occassionally offer an lovely program after dinner at Majahua. This photo is taken on the lower restaurant terrace, and was taken by Jared.

Two photos of the Majahua buildings.

This is the smallest tub in the beautiful new spa at Majahua. There are other larger pools, all connected by waterfuls and overlooking the ocean. This photo was taken near the end of construction.

View from Majahua, north along Playa Chacala.

The owner of Majahua, Jose Enrique, with his wife Carmen, have built five beautiful rental units, plus outdoor spaces including a spa with multiple small outdoor pools and covered massage areas, a platform in the "jungle" for Yoga, and a lovely covered, outdoor restaurant with an amazing menu. And wireless access too.

Jose Enrique is the founder, and on-going inspiration, for the Techo de Mexico program, which has been responsible for providing construction loans, volunteer labor, and ongoing training and support to eight local families who have built rental units at their homes in Chacala. You can see photos of Techo de Mexico units here or here: Techo de Mexico website

These photos are from the sailors on the the Ohana Kai, who have a very interesting blog of their family sailing adventure.

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