Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Favorite Plant in Chacala: Desert Rose

Until I came to Chacala I had never heard of the succulent plant called the Desert Rose (Adenium Obsesum). I love succulents, and had lots of them in my old Zone 5/6 garden, but the Desert Rose is just so beautiful. It blossoms all the time, loves the sun, doesn't mind the salty air, is easy to propagate, and the plants are cheap. Around $2 US for a plant more than a foot tall with four or five branches.

I have shared the Desert Rose with some of the other gardeners around Chacala, and the plants seem to survive well around here. Aurora has a couple of plants we started together that are very large and always have blossoms. Berta, Henia, Maria, and Esparanza like them too, so maybe Chacala will become of the Desert Rose of the Mexican beach towns. Not really, but the plants are just beautiful, and tough as can be.

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