Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Look for My Life in Chacala

I got bored with the old blog template and and trying out this one. Don't know if I like it or not.

I think this phot0 of the beach restaurants/dwelling is from maybe 10 years ago, just guessing. Or at least from before Hurricane Kenna.

Here are some old photos of some of the husbands of the landladies who have Techos de Mexico rental units. I haven't found any pictures of the lovely ladies, but I will keep tooking. If you want to take a look at rentals in Chacala, including the Techos de Mexico units click here.

This is Euloiao, whose wife, Dona Lupe has Casa de Dona Lupe.
This is Gabriel, whose wife has Casa de Beatriz.
Salvatore, whose wife Gracia has Casa de Gracia

I don't know where there are any photos of the women/Techo de Mexico owners. Wish I had some. I love meeting and talking with the older women in Chacala and Las Varas. Older being around my age. Although I have a hard time telling how old women are here. Usually their skin stays soft and unlined even when they are in their sixties. And hair color really isn't much of a clue, what with hair dyes and tints, etc. Or else they look like they are in their late seventies, and it turns out they are younger than me.

This is SATURDAY MORNING, day of the water jug delivery, Coke delivery, water tanker truck delivery (I hope), garbage can pick-up, and two little-boy birthday parties. It was 82 degrees F at 7:15am this morning, with some humidity. The PV weather report predicts run, but no one seems to expect any until after the solstice.

It's 9:39am and no water truck yet. I am getting anxious that it's going to be another no-show day for the water truck. The plants around thehouse are getting very unhappy about the water problem (which I caused myself by forgetting to turn the faceut off for two hours), and so am I.


The bad news is the water truck never came.

The good news is Guillermo (the water master) and the water worker, Julio, showed up about 11am and had figured out what was wrong, and I had water going into the downstairs (2500 liter) tinacho for more than two hours. Maybe 400 liters. Guillermo said everyone will get two hours of water every day, even Sunday, now that the new well is hooked up to the system. At least I hope that's what he said.

The water seems really clean and clear. I watered all the plants, took a shower, and then washed clothes by hand. Feels good to have a few days water in the tank. I hope the water guy does come tonight or tomorrow. I missed a couple birthday parties today because I am afraid to leave the house. The minute I do, I know he will come.

And here is the world-famous "Muchachos de Chacala" band, rehearsing for their next big performance. Just kidding. It's Euloiao and his buddies taking a break from taking a break.

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