Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunset at Mahajua in Chacala

I am writing this from the lower terrace at the restaurant at Majahua, in Chacala.
Majahua is located at the south end of the Chacala beach, and you have to walk along the beach and up a wide path to the restuarant.

Majahua is also a small hotel with big ,big rooms and an incredible spa. The phone is (011 52) 327 219 4054. The parenthesis is for calling from the US.

Majahau also has a website at

If you are staying in the area sunset dinner at Majahua is incredibly beautiful. You have to call ahead for reservations and order your dinner ahead.

I can't think of a better place to have a special dinner.
I am watching to sun go down as I type, and it gets more beautiful by the second.

As an item of disclosure, I often borrow the wireless from at Majahua to type this blog, but the owner, Jose Enrique De Valle has no idea I am writing this.

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