Friday, May 05, 2006

Making a Profit From Chacala

It looks like more and more of the new breed of visitors (and possible residents) are starting to show up in Chacala. That is, people whose interest is Chacala is in making money thru real estate. Chacala real estate. I guess Chacala has been lucky for so long in that it attracted people that have some respect for the town as it is, and don't see it as an "opportunity" to get rich. In the past most of the visitors have been volunteers of some kind, like Rotarians or Habitant for Humanity people or bird watchers, or Spanish students, or people interested in the environment and the Mexican people and culture. Not this new group. Or people volunterring thru Mar de Jade or the Bibliotecha program, or Techos de Mexico.

It's very scary, and bound to happen. People make money destroying one town, and take their profit, moving on to destroy another town. Lovely. And totally ignorant.

These people are showing up more and more often. Full of opinions, which almost always start with the phrase "If they (meaning Chacala residents) would only......". A couple days ago a woman who had been here about 24 hours started lecturing some of us on the topic of trash in Chacala, without having a clue about the wonderful things that have been happening here regarding managing the trash/tourist problem. She had no interest in hearing about it either. Just wanted to find out if there was a way she could make alot of money here.


Someone I really enjoyed visiting with was just in Chacala, on his way south. He has a lovely blog, called Dancing Dog. It's about Patzcuaro, but really about life in Mexico and it's great, with really good photos too. Definitely worth a look if you are curious about life in small town Mexico.

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