Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Photos of Chacala

The photo left is the older kinder building, and the one on the right shows parts of the new kinder(garten) building in Chacala. It is connected to the older building from the bathroom side and is about twice as big as the old space.

The kinder program is supported mostly by the parents of the students, and they always need school materials, school equipment, and craft supplies. Classes at 9-12 M-F and school ends the first week of July and starts up again the 3rd week of August. If you bring some supplies down, try to take them directly to the kinder during the morning. Otherwise, take them to Sarai's, who lives next to Trini's, and she will make sure they get to the kinder.

Several Rotary groups have done a wonderful job building, repairing buildings and providing playground equipment and fencing and leveling the school yard. Some of the parents of the students talk about when they were in kinder in Chacala, which met under a palapa (palm frond roofed shelter). Quite a change!

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