Monday, September 05, 2005

Nice hot muggy day with thundeer and lightning

Still hot, humid, and thunderstormy. Some nice breezes started up in the late afternoon. The mosquitos are pretty bad, especially in the evening, but also in the day. It was too mosquito-y at noon to read in the hammock. And the no-see-um's are annoying at night. I read out in the main room and leave the lights off in the bedroom. And keep the bedroom light off except for a quick alachrone check before I hop into bed.

I read an article in the Guadalajara paper about dengue fever and malaria which I found kind of frightening. I'll stay away from that kind of reading for awhile. I have been using repellant if I go outside after about 5pm. Until I came to Mexico I never ever even considered using repellant and poison bug sprays and the like, and now I am big fan. Well, not a fan, but I am using them.

It is getting dark completely now by 7:15pm and light in the morning a few minutes before 7am.

Patti, who does massages and lives in the orange house across from Concha's and has the hot dog stand in from of Juan's tienda, is teaching aerobics classes. She learned massage and aerobics when she was working at a Spa somewhere. She is using the empty tienda kitty-corner to the NW from the school yard. It's very popular with the women in town. I think the classes are late in the afternoon, five days a week. I don't know anything about aerobics but it looks like fun, and the women seem to being learning how to do it. It looks like very hard work. especially when its 90 degrees and 90% humidity. (I am kidding about the humidity, I think). Good way to lose weight. Sweat it off.

Went by the Bibliotecha looking for some packages that are heading my way from the States. The post office (correo) guy in Las Varas said one had already came down to Chacala, so it's probably floating around town somewhere. All the computers upstairs at the Bibliotecha were being used (I think seven) and there were six kids downstairs with Sarai and someone else, doing different things. Trini, Gora, Concha, and Viki were having a meeting. And the young adult men and some younger boys were starting to play volleyball, which they do most night. Seemed busy and productive.

All the construction projects (I think about 16 or so ) around town seems to be moving along. With a couple of exceptions. The big place next to the Marina gate, Laura's Techo, and Concha's son's rentals all appear to be at a stand still at the moment. I have heard that both the Mar de Jade and Majahua spas are open/finished. Gora and I were going to go up and look yesterday but she had to work. Maybe tomorrow.

The work on the apartment over the hardware store (Koraney) is at a standstill. Pepe said, "waiting for more money". The space right to the north of the hardware store is getting bulldozed flat and a chain link fence is being installed. Pepe said it's a storage yard, and maybe a bodega. They are still using the bodega over near where the store used to be. And the old store is now Casa Jose Maria. A nice looking place that Susana doing rentals for.

The construction going on across the street from the hardware store is moving right along. I am not sure what it is yet. Still working on the foundation.

The place half-way down the beach road and way from the beach is also being worked on daily. Thee workers told me today what I thought was three little rentals is a new restaurant. I knew I had it wrong when I saw that what I thought were doorways were filled in waist high with nice decorative cement and stone designs. Kind of like on the upstairs of Posada Sarai.

I am going downtown in a bit and am going to look and see how the Telesecundaria looks. If the kids are moved in. The Kinder is looking great.

Maybe other people knew, but I didn't know until today, that the ex-Govenor's place is going up for sale soon. The big huge white place above the muelle (fishing boat harbor).

The construction on the new hotel on the paved road is is really moving quickly right now. It's been more than a year since they started. All the work has been done by hand except the initial and final grading. And a little of the cement mixing was done by little motor-driven cement mixers instead of men with hoes. Tiles are up on the roofs of the hotel and the restaurant in front. Staircases completed, balcony railings up. etc etc. I haven't walked up the new center stairs (between the two garages) to see if there really is a swimming pool. Maybe tomorrow.

That's it.

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