Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just a little update

I have been a bit quite as of late. I had a little accident washing dishes and sliced a finger open. Some stitches and glue fixed that but make typing interesting.

Things that I have said that I will do and have not yet done:
  • print out pictures of Andee for the ladies in Chacala. At this point I think that I will use the Picture Bliss sent me. It is the only in the picture posting that did not note who it was from. Sorry Bliss.
  • Get together more details about the June 14th thing.
  • Reply to a number or messages for people about Andee. Sorry about that you have written. It is odd I can dispassionately deal with all the rental ones with ease but for those that were closer it is hard for me to even read them. I will get back to you.
  • Scan Photos of a younger Andee and post them. I have started looking thought the picture books but she did a good job purging herself from them.
  • Scan the drawing that she did.
Next weekend I am going to one of my step brothers weddings (it is true both ways) so I won't be doing much of the above in the next week but I will get to it all.

Thanks all for your thoughts.

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